Bayview Community Centre is the local hub for a wide range of community events, groups and activities. Find out more about the classes and activities that run at the Centre by liking our Facebook page or jumping onto our news page.

The Community Centre building is owned by Auckland Council and the Community Centre is operated by a fantastic team of staff and led by a locally elected Governance Board.
The Centre operates an
Early Learning Centre, Out of School programmes and a number of Classes run from the Centre during the day, evenings and weekends.
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Photo (L-R Back Row): Rudolf Arada, Erin Merrell Bennison, Leticia Corbett, Sonya Avdish, Colleen Dutton

(L-R Front Row): Leigh Gissing (Secretary), Ben Withy (Chairperson) and Rebecca Subritzky (Treasurer)

Co-opted members not in photo:  Joanne Thomas and Shelley Pilkington 

Our Vision

Vision for Bayview

A thriving, caring and connected commUNITY where everyone is treasured and belongs.


Vision for Bayview Community Centre

The Bayview Community Centre is the hub of Bayview; it provides services and resources to enhance the well-being of the Bayview community and to empower residents to make a difference.



The purpose of Bayview Community Centre Association Incorporated society is to:

Provide accessible and affordable programmes, services, facilities, resources and shared experiences so residents of all ages, cultures and interests can come together to make friends, learn from each other and better ourselves, our environment and our community;

Enhance social and cultural well-being by creating a sense of pride in belonging to the Bayview Community;

Facilitate asset-based, community-led development;

Build and maintain a friendly, well-connected, safe, resilient and prosperous community.



The Bayview Community Centre values:

A caring, family-friendly environment that is open and welcoming to everyone;

Being open-minded, receptive and responsive to new ideas and changing community needs.

Partnership with other organisations working for the common good of the community;

Being a role model of excellence in everything we do.

The Board

Our Governance Board are all volunteers who give their time, experience and passion for Bayview to lead the strategic direction of the work done at the Centre.  Elections are held each October at our AGM which is open for all to attend. 

Our current Governance Board is:

Chair – Ben Withy 
Treasurer – Rebecca Subritzky
Secretary – Leigh Gissing
KLB rep – Adrian Tyler
Board members – Rudolf Arada, Letitia Corbett, Sonya Avdish, Colleen Dutton, Joanne Thomas, Shelley Pilkington

If you are keen to find out more about the work of the Governance Board please use the contact form below to get in touch with our Chairperson or Secretary.  We are always keen to hear from local residents who may have particular skills sets that they can share.

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