Before and After School Care

The Bayview Community Centre runs O.S.C.A.R. (Out of School Care and Recreation) WINZ accredited programmes, for children aged five to thirteen.


Before School Care


7.00am until 8.30am - $10,  casuals - $11

7.30am until 8.30am - $7,  casuals -  $8

After School Care


3.00pm until 4pm - $7,  casuals - $8

3.00pm until 5pm - $10,  casuals -  $11

3.00pm until 6pm - $12,  casuals - $13


Bookings and payments are essential before the start of the programme to confirm your child’s place. To make a booking please email office@bayviewcentre.org.nz. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues making your booking on 443 0231. Fees for permanent enrolments must be paid weekly and on the day for casuals.


​The Centre has a no refund policy, therefore if your child is booked in and does not attend, then you will be charged. There are 8 allowed sick days at no charge per year for permanent enrolments.

If you have not enrolled with a permanent booking you are deemed to have a "Casual Enrolment". This costs an extra $1 per session. Casual attendances are only if space is available on a day by day basis. Please check with staff as we are currently operating a waiting list.


School Holiday Programme

Click on pdf to view Sept/Oct holiday programme


We operate a comprehensive programme of activities that run during school holidays and operate from 7.45am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.



There is a pre-enrolled daily fee of $28 with an extra charge for trips and activities where applicable. Early drop off or late pick up fees are also charged.

Enrolments and payments are due one week PRIOR to the start of the Holiday Programme. (If you are not pre enrolled and paid then you are deemed a casual enrolment and these are only accepted if space allows and the daily casual fee is $33).

Please choose your dates carefully as we do not do swap days or refunds once payment has been made as we staff and resource our programmes made on these advance bookings.

Enrolment & Payment

Enrolment is done through the office so please email us for more information. 

Bank account: 12 3072 0376916 03 - Use your child’s name and SHP as reference.

Please be aware that acceptance of special needs children is on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on our ability to cater to those needs.

Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) subsidy is a payment which helps families with the costs of before-school and after-school programmes for up to 20 hours a week, and school holiday programmes for up to 50 hours a week. To check whether you qualify for a WINZ subsidy please visit the WINZ website.

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